Meet the Trustees

The other part of PAN is our wider membership. This includes the trustees, local individuals, representatives from local churches, community and voluntary organisations who meet monthly with other partners to share information and work together on community issues. Scroll below to see our trustees.

Peter Bole

I have been a community activist since the 1960’s. I have worked with many community groups in the Southside of Glasgow. I have chaired many community organisations as well as representing them on various statutory bodies.
I was a member of Pollokshaws Integration Network from when it was established in 2001, this group was the fore runner for Pollokshaws Area Network of which I am now the Chair.

Margaret Osborne

I have lived in the area for many years, bringing up my family here. I got involved with Pollokshaws Area Network around two and a half years ago when I got involved with the community garden and also took part in some of the classes and other activities. As my confidence grew I began helping out in the Lunch Club and the Needlecrafts group. Just a few month ago I became a Trustee and have never looked back

Vera Scanlan

I have lived in Pollokshaws for five years. I started going to PAN’s exercise classes a few years ago. When the needlecrafts group started over a year ago, I got involved from the beginning. Gradually I started to help out at the group and then a few months ago was asked to become a trustee.

Frances Stevenson

I have been a part of the community hub / garden for 4 years. I started as a participant in the garden then started helping out at the hub when it opened almost 2 years ago. I then became a trustee just after that. I really enjoy what I do and getting involved with the community

Joyce Harvie

I am a member of Pollokshaws Methodist Church and through the church have been involved in many community activities in Pollokshaws. I have been a Trustee in PAN for 4 years, since it was established and help to run the regular ‘coffee n chat’ sessions at the Hub

David Robson

I am a member of Pollokshaws Methodist Church and have volunteered in many community activities through the church. We now run a job club at the church which I help to run. I joined PAN at the beginning, when it was first established and became a trustee then, around 4 years ago.

Maggie Reid

I have been a volunteer in the local community through my church Eastwood Parish, for many years. I was involved with The Point Drop In which was established through the Pollokshaws Integration Network to welcome and assist refugees in the area. I sat on the integration Network for about 8 years and then when PAN was being formed I became a trustee of the new group.